"Amazing TV content experiences" coming to Xbox, as Microsoft hires UK TV exec



May 4, 2013
Microsoft announced this week that it will soon kill off its long-running MSN TV service, as it refocuses its entertainment efforts around the Xbox platform. Over the last year, the company has relaunched its music and video services under the Xbox brand, while the launch of the Xbox One as an "all-in-one entertainment system" also underlines the role that Microsoft sees for the console, extending its appeal beyond hardcore gamers to those seeking a broader range of entertainment options.

Microsoft has greatly expanded the platform's entertainment credentials through numerous third-party apps, with the launch of services such as BBC iPlayer, HBO GO and Hulu Plus for the Xbox 360. But as content providers are increasingly developing their own shows - most notably Netflix, with 'House of Cards' and 'Arrested Development' - Microsoft is also looking into offering its own original content.

At the launch of the Xbox One, the company announced that one such project would be 'Halo: The Television Series', with Steven Spielberg as a producer on the show. But Microsoft is looking to expand its content credentials further, and the hiring of a UK television executive is another step in that process.

Source: Neowin