American McGee launches Kickstarter for OZombie


May 4, 2013

Last month American McGee was indecisive as to whether he wanted his next Kickstarter to continue down the adventures of his demented Alice series, or to explore his own twisted rendition of L. Frank Baum's Oz franchise. As it turns out, he's opted for the latter with his recently launched OZombie crowdfunding campaign.

OZombie will take place in an alternate version of Oz where Dorothy, Tin Woodsman, and Lion must work together to overthrow the mad king, Scarecrow, and his army of brain-seeking underlings.

I don't remember this happening in The Wizard of Oz - or it's under-appreciated 1985 sequel, Return to Oz - but developer Spicy Horse noted on the Kickstarter page that OZombie is inspired by elements from all 14 Oz books and that unlike the 1939 film, Oz will be a real place rather than the dream of an unconscious farm girl.

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