Battlefield 1 Beta Map -- New Information Revealed


DICE has shared some new information about Battlefield 1's Sinai Desert map, which you'll get to try for yourself during the World War I shooter's beta next week.

In a blog post, DICE starting off by saying this map is inspired by real-world battles in the Middle East when allied forces fought the Ottoman Empire for control of the Suez Canal.

Sinai Desert is one of Battlefield 1's largest Conquest maps, DICE added, going on to say it offers a "diverse gameplay experience" with a number of options available to players. The map features horses to ride, planes to fly, and tanks to drive. It also has streets and alleys, as well as rooftops to shoot from.

Additionally, Sinai Desert has the armored train "behemoth" vehicle that one side can use to turn the tide of battle. DICE explains that this deadly vehicle can be super-effective, but only if you know how to use it.

"The train offers a range of weapons and can make a huge difference if used effectively. This means the opposing team will need to adjust to the new presence," the developer said. "Bomber planes are pretty effective if their pilots' aim stays true, though the train is also susceptible to a surprise attack by an organized group on horseback armed with anti-vehicle grenades. But as you might expect, the armored train won't go down without a fight."


Players will also encounter a variety of weather effects on Sinai Desert. This includes things like "the occasional sandstorm," as well as strong winds, both of which can impact gameplay. All Battlefield 1 maps will have weather effects.

Sinai Desert offers a lot of ground-based combat, but pilots have options, too.

"One of the flags can be even taken by plane if you have the skills to safely fly inside the capture zone--you'll want to make sure to disable the Anti-Aircraft on the ground first, though, as someone could be lurking around on the ground just waiting for you to fly in," DICE said. "If you're more interested in dogfights, there's plenty of interesting opportunities for that, too. Some of us at DICE have gotten pretty good at ditching would-be attackers by flying through the canyon without crashing. It's tense, but provides the type of Only in Battlefield moments we know you love."

The Battlefield 1 beta begins on August 31 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Battlefield Insiders will get to play early, it seems, but there has been no word yet on when they can get started. The full game comes out on October 21, but there are multiple ways to play early.

Source: Battlefield 1 Beta Map -- New Information Revealed

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