Battlefield Hardline Beta Dated


May 4, 2013
For those looking for the perfect cure to the Super Bowl hangover, EA and Visceral Games are going to give players a chance to hop into a late beta for their next entry into the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield Hardline. Starting next week, running February 3rd through 8th, players will have access to an open beta that will allow them to take Hardline for a spin.

The open beta will feature three different maps and several different game modes including "Hotwire" which tasks the criminals with stealing a list of marked cars while the cops try to repossess them (I hear Nic Cage is currently pursuing legal action for copy-pasting Gone in 60 Seconds). "Hotwire" will be featured on two of the game's maps, Downtown and Dustbowl.

Also featured on the Dust Bowl map will be Battlefield's "Conquest" mode which will feature 64 player battles (on the Xbox One... the 360 version cuts it down to 24).

The beta will feature "Heist" mode which will be playable on the Bank Job map. This mode will challenge the criminal team with breaking into a bank vault and securing their booty at drop off points while the police team attempts to stop them.

Finally, players will get access to another new game feature called "Hacker" which will allows one player on each side to hack into the battlefield through security cameras. Once in, this player can spot enemies and specify areas for their team to attack or defend. "Hacker" will be available on all of the previously mentioned game modes.

The beta will also provide access to the full breadth of the multiplayer progression system in the game which will feature new weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and gear.

We've also got a shiny, new beta trailer for your eyes and ears.

The open beta for Battlefield Hardline is set to run next week, from February 3rd through the 8th.

The full game is set for a March 17th release in North America and a March 20th release in Europe.

Source: Battlefield Hardline Beta Dated