BBC iPlayer to launch on Xbox One later this year


May 4, 2013
The BBC have today announced that the iPlayer will launch on the Xbox One later this year, the exact date isnt known but it will be "by the end of this year". The BBC first said it was working on an iPlayer app for the Xbox One back in November, shortly before the console became available.

Development of the app has been slow with one developer claiming that delays had resulted from problems with getting the app to work properly with the Kinect motion tracker. The insider also claimed that Microsoft had not done much to help with development - a contrast to the extensive support that Sony was willing to offer during the development of the iPlayer app for the PS4.

Marcus Parnwell added that the BBC is also working with BT, Virgin Media and YouView to bring its redesigned iPlayer app to their respective platforms later this year. BBC iPlayer is now available on over 1200 devices, including smartphones, tablets, games consoles, smart TVs, set-top boxes, media receivers and more.

Microsoft announced yesterday that Xbox One owners in the UK, and across the rest of Europe, will soon be able to buy a Digital TV Tuner for the console.

Source: BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - New BBC iPlayer for Connected TVs: update