Bethesda Explains Lack of Prey 2 Updates


May 4, 2013
Bethesda has commented on the lack of news regarding Prey 2. In the wake of rumors about development shifting to Arkane and accounts from anonymous sources, we sat down with Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines at E3 to ask why there have been no official updates since Bethesda’s April 2012 statement.

“We appreciate that folks are displeased that we haven’t had any update or any info on Prey 2, but whatever your displeasure is, you can’t even be remotely as unhappy about it as us,” Hines told IGN. “We spent years and millions of dollars and a ton of effort trying to help Human Head make a great Prey 2 game. What we said the last time we said anything was that it’s not up to our quality standards."

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