Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons video preview



May 4, 2013

There has been a lot of discussion lately, which we only seek to encourage here at Eurogamer, that perhaps it would be a good idea if slightly less than absolutely all video games were built around the adventures of men.

Apparently nobody told Starbreeze, however, because the Swedish studio has gone in completely the other direction with its latest game, a beautiful puzzle adventure evocative of the likes of Fable and Ico, in which you simultaneously control two men. This is not perhaps the bold new paradigm we were hoping for, I guess, but under the circumstances you've got to admire their balls - if for no other reason than you're in charge of more of them than usual.

As you'll see if you join Ian Higton for the spoiler-free video preview below, however, this isn't exactly a game swollen with testosterone. In the absence of understandable dialogue, the minimalist characterisation sketches a likeable portrait of a more vulnerable duo amid painterly surroundings - the older, slower brother stooping to wash his neck in a pool of water while his younger splashes and giggles to himself, for instance.

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