Bungie explains that its scrapped Project Phoenix was "Minecraft-like"



May 4, 2013

In the days of yore i.e. circa 1999, the Marathon devs at Bungie were working on a game codenamed "Project Phoenix," before the studio was acquired by Microsoft and shifted all its efforts toward Halo, leaving the abandoned Phoenix unable to rise from the ashes.

Now, for the first time, Bungie's Jason Jones has peeled back the curtain, explaining that this canned project was a "Minecraft-like" strategy hybrid.

"It was a game that was based on a technology that was sort of Minecraft-like," Jones said in an interview with IGN. "You could build castles out of blocks, for example, and then knock them down. Ultimately the reason the game never saw the light of day was because of Halo. The [Project Phoenix] team got scavenged a number of times, both on Halo 1 and Halo 2, to finish Halo."

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