Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Vengeance review


May 4, 2013

While Battlefield 3 has exhausted its DLC arsenal, signing off with the excellent End Game back in March, its more recent rival in the Call of Duty stable still has another map pack to go before handing over to Ghosts in November.

Before then, when the attention of FPS fans will surely be drawn by the shiny possibilities of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we have Vengeance, another seemingly randomly titled selection of multiplayer maps and Zombies add-ons. Despite the generic tough guy title, Vengeance proves to be yet another solid addition to a game that has already had some truly great bonus maps.

The weakest effort this time around is Detour, a cramped map set on a battle-damaged bridge on America's east coast. This setting defines the design; a long and narrow gauntlet of death where cover comes from mangled cars and emergency barricades. There's limited verticality, with a small underside area accessible through the smashed tarmac, and a couple of trucks topside that offer a minor height advantage. Despite the length of the map, sightlines are mostly short with only a few locations suitable for sniping.

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