Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered getting 6 free new maps and more next week



May 4, 2013
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered launched last month to critical acclaim but there was just one issue. Well, two if you count that the game isn't standalone. But for those who own the game, not every map for the original game was included at launch! Although most of the fan favorites are there, it was missing iconic maps such as Countdown, Showdown, Wet Work, and more. That will be changing very soon, though.

On December 13th, players will be to download a free DLC that adds six maps and two brand new modes! The DLC will also give players access to the Winter Crash map (presumably just for the holiday season) which has previously only been exclusive to PC via mods. The map is a new version of the iconic Crash map that adds festive holiday decorations, snow, and more! On December 20th, a 24/7 Winter Crash playlist will be added so players can play non-stop Winter Crash!

The two new modes are Hardpoint and Gun Game, two fan-favorite modes from the series. The brand new maps are Bloc, Wet Work, Showdown, Countdown, Strike, and Pipeline. There are still a few maps left to be added from the original game, but it remains to be seen of Raven Software will add them. You can watch an action-packed trailer for the new DLC below.