Call of Duty: WW2’s Nazi Zombies co-op mode revealed at Comic-Con


Jun 2, 2013
Activision has officially revealed the trailer for the highly anticipated co-operative Zombies mode for Call of Duty: WWII, promising ‘a dark vision of undead horror’. Titled Nazi Zombies, Call of Duty: WWII developer Sledgehammer Games has said that this will be ‘unlike anything before’.

Nazi Zombies is set in the Bavarian village of Mittelburg, which may look familiar to those of you who’ve played the zombie co-op mode in previous Call of Duty games. I certainly noticed a similarity in the tone and visual style to the Wolfenstein series while watching the trailer. It’s dark, grimy and frankly quite horrifying. In my book, it’s off to a good start.

The new Nazi Zombies will feature the likenesses of David Tennant, Elodie Yung, Katheryn Winnick, Udo Kier and Ving Rhames: it’s definitely a star-studded affair. Sledgehammer has also stated that the Nazi Zombies co-op mode will be an original and sinister story, ‘delivering a new definition of terror to Call of Duty Zombies’. And it’ll all unfold as an international team peels back the layers of a malevolent plot by the evil Axis powers, who’re attempting to harness the powers of the occult forces to raise an army of undead. Sounds delightful, if rather samey.

‘With Nazi Zombies, we’re creating a frightening world full of terrifying characters and events that will make you jump and look over your shoulder’, said studio head and co-founder of Sledgehammer, Glen Schofield, ‘This is unlike anything before, we’re taking players to some very dark, grim places in Nazi Zombies. This is one hell of a horror experience’. I’ll bring a torch then.

The trailer is definitely a lot darker in tone than the previous CoD Zombie modes, and if they get the horror aspect right, it could be an extremely effective and shit-scary co-operative experience.

Call of Duty: World War II is due for release on November 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Those who pre-order will gain early access to a beta, which will begin on the PS4 on August 25.

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