Company of Heroes 2 review


May 4, 2013

Early in Company of Heroes 2's campaign mode, there is a single line of dialogue that so succinctly encapsulates the spirit of this World War 2 strategy game that it could have featured as the title's tagline. "Do not be discouraged by a few losses," comes the bark of a Soviet officer as the Red Army's ill-equipped recruits scramble to reclaim a beleaguered Stalingrad.

What passes for an Eastern Front rallying call does little to bolster the morale of the rookies, some of whom don't even have a weapon to fire in anger, but as the hours pass it feels like it's meant as much for the player as it is for the for the conscripts. Ultimately, it turns out to be a call that should be heeded across every mission, mode and map if you're to derive maximum enjoyment from Relic Entertainment's sequel.

It's not that Company of Heroes 2 is particularly difficult - not on the standard difficulty level at least. It's more that the manner in which certain elements of the game design are introduced and subsequently managed can leave you a little hazy on how best to approach a given situation. Basic concepts like grouping squads for effective unit management and the utilisation of troop abilities are left largely up to you to experiment with.

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