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Cortana coming to Xbox One in 2016

Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by creaky, Oct 5, 2015.

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    Earlier in the year, details arose of scheduled change to the Xbox One operating system, improving on flaws of the current implementation, while adding features influenced by Windows 10. The dashboard has only recently begun rolling out to Xbox One preview testers, and is scheduled to release to the public this November.

    To complement the improved navigation speed in this update, it was also announced that Windows 10’s personal assistant, Cortana, would be coming to the Xbox One. Until now, voice commands have been offered to navigate the interface, however Cortana aims to improve on the feature, with more natural phrases, and a larger library of commands.

    The most recent build of the operating system available to Xbox One Preview Program members is not as stable as many hoped, with numerous planned features still not making the cut. Today Larry Hryb, director of programming on Xbox Live, has announced that Cortana will not be arriving on the console until 2016. As stated by Hryb on his blog, preview testers will be getting an early version of Cortana before the new year commences, with an intent of delivering the assistant to the public after the new dashboard has been released, and has proved to be stable. If like many Xbox One features released in the past two years, we can expect see a turnaround of a few months for the feature to leave testing. This gives us an expected public release window of Q1 2016.

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