Destiny 2's Black Armoury will let you raise your Power level to 650


Bungie has spilled more details on Destiny 2's Black Armoury DLC, confirming the expansion will bump up the Power level by 50 points. This means Guardians will be able to grind towards a total Power level of 650.

The good news is you can start acquiring gear over 600 if you own Forsaken, so you won't actually need Black Armoury or the Annual Pass to start the grind. Having said that, new content coming to Destiny 2 will offer more opportunities to get your hands on powerful gear.

Guardians who are below the 550 Power level (I'm one of them), Bungie confirmed that there will be more of a chance to bag Prime Engrams to help buff your character.

The new Power level will be required to tackle the Scourge of the Past Raid, which comes packaged with Black Armoury. This will come with a recommended level of 640, so you'll really need to hoover up those Engrams if you stand a chance of completing the Raid.

Destiny 2 was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September last year, and arrived on PC the following month.

Bungie supported the shared-world shooter with three major DLCs following its release: Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and the aforementioned Forsaken. The Annual Pass will see three mini-expansions arrive including Black Armoury, wrapping up next summer.

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