Destiny: Sparrow Racing League Mode


Jul 21, 2013
A brand new game mode has been announced for Destiny: the Sparrow Racing League. This mode will feature players going head-to-head on Mars and Venus to prove who has the best Sparrow piloting skills. Sparrow Racing League is coming Dec. 8. This news comes via the PlayStation Experience keynote.

The Sparrow Racing League will be a special quest that is coming for free to all owners of The Taken King. Those who compete and prove themselves worthy at the Sparrow Racing League stand to earn special unlocks including new gear and sparrows. Each race consists of six players, with the winner being the first to cross the finish line.

“When I first got on a Sparrow in Destiny I wanted to race that mfer all over the map,” said Adam Boyes of PlayStation, while onstage debuting the new game mode. It seems Boyes wasn't alone in wanting more from the vehicles.

In addition to the announcement, the Sparrow Racing League is playable on the showfloor of PlayStation Experience. The game mode will be coming to Xbox One eventually, but is temporarily exclusive to PS4 for the time being.