Destiny's launch trailer is here


May 4, 2013
Like a city-sized asteroid, Bungie and Activision's Destiny is about to smack into the surface of the Earth. The consequence can only be the complete depopulation of our planet's surface, as millions of people disappear in-doors to take up the mantle of a Guardian, explore a make-believe solar system and shoot spider tanks in the face.

The game's launch trailer is below, and everything you need to know about it is here. At Gamescom, I asked the developer's Jonty Barnes whether he and his colleagues would take a holiday after releasing Destiny on 9th September. The answer is a resounding "no" - there are already "elaborate plans" for Destiny's DLC.

Source: News: Destiny's launch trailer is here - "all that matters is what you'll become" - OXM UK