Disc-less Xbox One Console Releasing in Spring 2019


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Microsoft will release a new Xbox One SKU next year that will be disc-less, according to a rumour.

A new Xbox One option hitting stores next year is rumoured to be disc-less, which will, in turn, make the base price less expensive.

According to a report on Thurrott, the new SKU will be at least $100 less than the current $299 base price of Xbox One S console. Spring 2019 is the current release target for the disc-less Xbox One, states the report.

Alongside the hardware offering, a ‘disc-to-digital’ program will be offered for those who own physical game copies. How it works, according to the report, is the customer will take the game disc to a participating retailer and trade the disc in for a digital download key.

If disc-less isn’t your bag, the report states a “revised Xbox One S SKU” is targeted for release later in 2019. This “slim” offering will also feature a cheaper price point, but it will still include a drive for discs.

Microsoft’s next-gen console in the works, codenamed Scarlett, isn’t expected to release until some point in 2020. This is when Sony’s next PlayStation is also expected.

Whether the new Scarlett console from Microsoft will be disc-less is unknown at present.

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