Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Set to Punch Crime Right in the Gut



May 4, 2013
In a Hollywood-themed event bumpered by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury (via video) and Clark Gregg as Agent Colson (in person), Disney Interactive announced "Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes." As one would expect from the title, the big news was the inclusion of Marvel universe characters into the game, but this looks to be far more than a simple upgrade for the action-figure-based action-adventure.

Indeed, said Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, "Disney Infinity 2.0 represents another evolutionary leap for Marvel," akin to the comics giant's transition to movies and television. And the scope of "Disney Infinity 2.0" certainly backs this up: Six Marvel characters are included, with more than 12 others confirmed to join in the future (along with new Disney characters). The game also includes expanded and structured gameplay for Toy Box mode, and support for the Xbox One. The game engine itself is improved and expanded, too; Marvel Manhattan, the level demonstrated at the event, was four times larger than the largest level in "Disney Infinity 1.0," in an effort to accommodate new characters' flight and super-jumping abilities, and to encourage exploration.

Character locomotion is, in fact, one of three key changes that "Disney Infinity" developer Avalanche Software kept at front of mind, according to company CEO John Blackburn. New vehicles will be available to players via game discs, including a mini-helicarrier and motorcycles. The characters themselves can traverse the world in ways that make sense for them -- such as the Hulk's "wall crawling," which Blackburn pointed out was not a power unique to the Hulk (a nice nod to the coming appearance of a certain web-slinger, perhaps?)

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