Disney Infinity... and Beyond


May 4, 2013
After seeing how quickly and decisively Skylanders has dominated both kids games and action figures, it's no surprise that Disney is also moving in to attract the new generation of gamers with a product line that's infinitely expansible. The news for today is the addition of The Lone Ranger playset. Featuring both the Lone Ranger and Tonto as playable characters, the new set makes full use of the license. Though the houses of ill-repute may seem a bit off-putting to parents, the horseplay, trains, and ricochet shooting mechanic seem ideal for the game's intended audience.

The conceit for the game is that all of these figures and playsets are toys themselves. This nicely sidesteps the continuity and tone issues that might arise from putting Jack Sparrow and Buzz Lightyear in the same room. I admit to being a bit confused about the inclusion of Disney's PG-13 franchises, particularly given the game's stated 6-12 year old demographic, but even without understanding the specific Pirates or Lone Ranger franchises, there's something about the appeal of pirates and cowboys that is universal.

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