Don’t Be Deceived by the Cuteness of PS4’s Knack


May 4, 2013
Whether in the form of television shows, movies, or video games, we’re bombarded with media all the time from every conceivable angle. Sometimes, you have to filter through it all by making some cursory assumptions, and with Knack, the PlayStation 4-exclusive launch title from Sony-owned Studio Japan, it’s easy enough to dismiss the game outright. It looks kiddy, it looks simple, and above all else, it doesn’t look all that next-gen. It appears to be something that could easily be skipped over without a second thought.

The thing is, Knack is really, really fun. It’s the very first PlayStation 4 title I ever played, and I was pleasantly surprised by my 15 minute demo, one that showed me two separate sections of the game, complete with different features and varied hazards, but sections that were unified by an easy-to-understand control scheme and an accessible feel.

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