Double Fine's Massive Chalice will add gay relationships based on Kickstarter feedback



May 4, 2013

Double Fine has announced that it will add gay couplings to its upcoming turn-based tactics game Massive Chalice, following feedback from fans.

The original omission wasn't due to any sort of malicious intent, but rather project lead Brad Muir simply didn't think about it - something he feels "s***ty" about.

"We did not talk about [the possibility of gay marriage] until we launched the Kickstarter," he admitted in an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun. "We were so focused on pure pragmatic mechanics and how it would work and coupling and all these things that we hadn't [considered it]. That was something I got kinda blindsided by. That was really unfortunate. It kinda makes me feel s***ty that it's not something I'd thought of. I think it's sort of hetero privilege that I didn't see it coming."

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