Dr Who comes to Minecraft Xbox 360


May 4, 2013
Ever try adding potassium to water during a chemistry lesson at school? Well, (a) how on Earth are you not dead, and (b) it's a very fine metaphor for the addition of Dr Who, the Harry Potter of tenureless academics, to Minecraft Xbox 360, the sexiest cube simulator since the invention of LEGO.

The game's next Skin Pack will include a character inspired by the Twelfth Doctor (aka Peter Capaldi) and five other Doctors plus their sidekicks and well-known adversaries. You may scream hysterically now, if you choose.

Priced at $2.99/£1.99/€2.85/$2.95AUS, it'll go on sale in September, and is the first of several Dr Who packs. "We're constantly looking for new and innovative ways to bring Doctor Who content to our loyal fans," observes Rikesh Desai, digital entertainment and games director at BBC Worldwide UK, in a release. "Working collaboratively with Microsoft, we've created an exciting new product which will allow Doctor Who fans to create their own brand new adventures in the heart of the iconic world of Minecraft."

Source: News: Dr Who comes to Minecraft Xbox 360 - new skins out in September - OXM UK