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Duke Nukem successor Bombshell delayed on PC to early 2016

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by creaky, Nov 22, 2015.

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    Bombshell, which had been the next Duke Nukem game until a lawsuit forced a name and character change, has been delayed from its originally announced launch for PC this month.

    Frederik Schreiber of developing studio Interceptor Entertainment said testing the game had turned up too many bugs to be fixed by deadline, or with a launch-day patch covering them. Bombshell will now launch on Windows PC via Steam and GOG.com on Jan. 29, 2016.

    "Over the last several weeks, we've been exhaustively testing Bombshell to get it ready for ship," Schreiber wrote on the game's Steam page. "Unfortunately, and honestly, the game isn't entirely bug free at this point. Our first instinct was to just get this puppy out the door, and that we could fix the remaining issues with a quick patch after launch. But within ten seconds we realized that's no way to treat paying fans of our games."

    The game's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were planned to trail the PC release and launch sometime early next year; no word on either when that will be or whether its launch is delayed as the PC edition is fixed.

    Bombshell was originally something called Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, until its announcement early last year brought a lawsuit from Gearbox Software, owners of the Duke Nukem franchise since taking it off original developer 3D Realms' hands in 2010.

    Bombshell herself was meant to be a supporting character, then moved into the lead role. You can see seven minutes of gameplay footage below.

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