Dust 514 review


May 4, 2013

I have a fear that grows in strength with each review I find myself writing. The fear is that, as soon I've filed my copy, an update will arrive that might rebuild, repair or rebalance the game quite substantially, and suddenly a great chunk of what I've written would be made irrelevant.

With Dust 514, I found myself increasingly hoping that this would happen. It's likely that much about the game will change in the months and years to come; that the commitment and dedication developer CCP has shown toward Eve Online, the space MMO that is essentially Dust 514's parent, will also be bestowed on this free-to-play spin-off first-person shooter. I've already seen signs that many of those playing Dust 514 are becoming as invested in the experience as members of Eve's community are and this, too, bodes well for the game's ongoing development.

Unfortunately, it cannot change the fact that, at launch, Dust 514 is not a very good game.

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