EA Hints At Battlefront 2 Single Player


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Electronic Arts Chief Operating Officer, Peter Moore, was at the 19th Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference discussing EA’s plans for the company’s larger franchises like EA Sports, recent games such as Battlefront and other smaller titles that are in the process of being created. With the recent release of Star Wars Battlefront, along with all the controversy surrounding the game having no single player mode, it was obviously going to be a hot topic of discussion.

“Multiplayer is fun, let’s be clear though, there is a lot of single player opportunities within the game. It’s lacking a campaign mode in the eyes of gamers, but it’s got co-op, its got couch play which people really enjoy, its got a lot of single player missions in there, it’s not a purely multiplayer game. There is more content coming to this game, which will deepen the content,” Peter Moore
EA are so far happy with DICE’s decision to supply Battlefront as a multiplayer only game, however when asked about future games and the possibility of a single player mode returning, Peter Moore hinted at a possible option of including it.

“the decision by the DICE team was made to not put the single player mode in and focus on multiplayer mode, that’s not to say that decision for future games is locked in stone, we will decide what to do when that development team gets further down the development process.” Peter Moore
What might make them do a 180 on this decision?…..Possibly if consumer feedback states it’s needed. And so far the fans appear to be saying it does, not just for the game to feel more complete but also to warrant the £50 price tag for what could be described as half a game. With the upcoming Season Pass also coming in at a eye watering £50 and apparently including 4 massive expansions, will that be enough to quieten the debate? Would a single player campaign help warrant the costs? Would it improve the game as a whole?

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