Elite Dangerous Beta 2 arrives on Sept. 30


May 4, 2013
The Elite: Dangerous beta will enter its second phase on September 30, bringing dozens of new and tweaked features to early players of the space sim.

Space jockeys will find their prowess in combat and behavior in galactic society will have a greater impact on their careers, with new persistent combat ratings and individual reputations which affect general attitudes and prices.

Players can get up to speed on these new and old features with optional "simulator" tutorials.

Elite: Dangerous will released later this year on PC, and on Mac three months after. The standard Elite Dangerous beta is available now for £50.

Beta 2 Feature Updates
  • Combat ratings from 'Harmless' all the way up to 'Elite'.
  • Reputations per system and galaxy-wide that influence attitudes and prices offered to you.
  • Ability to discover and explore and scan new systems and sell the data on them.
  • Detailed system maps.
  • Around 500 additional star systems to explore.
  • Lakon Asp Explorer ships added.
  • Much greater variety of upgradable Life Support modules, Engines, Hyperdrives, Power Distributors, Sensors, Shield Generators and Cargo Racks for all ships.
  • Ships are subject to gradual 'wear and tear'.
  • New weapons including mines and a new non-lethal missile-deployed cargo hatch disruptor for piracy.
  • Outposts (small, exposed 'roadside café' stations in remote locations)
  • Occelus starports, a version of which can move around for early civilization of new systems and space tourism.
  • Visibility of other ships in supercruise, and track others through supercruise and hyperspace.
  • Newsfeeds about events from the rest of the galaxy and player activity in your local system.
  • All backers names (from the appropriate crowd-funding reward tiers) have been added to the NPC naming database.

The game will be priced at £39.99/$59.99/€49.99 through Frontier's online store on final release.

Source: Elite Dangerous Beta 2 arrives on Sept. 30 - CVG UK