Every PS4 comes with $10 PlayStation Store credit; 30 days of PS Plus and Music


May 4, 2013
Sony is going to give people who stand in line to buy a PlayStation 4 console one week from today some more incentives, as if they really needed any more. Today, the company announced all PS4 purchases will come with three extras that should give them a taste of the PS4's online services.

The PlayStation blog reveals that one of the three extras is a code to get $10 in credit for use in the online PlayStation Store. The storefront will have all of the company's 23 launch titles available for download. That means PS4 owners could use the credit to take $10 off the price of a digital download version of a $59.99 PS4 launch game like "Killzone: Shadow Fall" or "Call of Duty Ghosts".

In addition, each PS4 will have a code to get 30 days of free use of the PlayStation Plus service. Unlike the PS3, PS4 owners will have to buy a subscription to PS Plus to get access to online multiplayer. The PS4 also comes with 30 days of free use of Music Unlimited, Sony's streaming music service. Both PS Plus and Music Unlimited normally have a one month price of $9.99 each.

So basically, Sony is giving PS4 owners close to $30 in free access to its online services for the console, which makes the $399.99 price tag for the console itself a little easier to deal with; the PS4 launches in the U.S on November 15th.

Source: PlayStation blog