Evolve Xbox One alpha begins this month


May 4, 2013
Soon, my friends, you too will know what it's like to hunker beneath a stairway, hoping against hope that your fellow Hunters will respawn before a squid-faced pterodactyl puts you out of your misery. I refer, of course, to 2K and Turtle Rock's asymmetrical sci-fi shooter Evolve, which begins alpha testing on Xbox One this month.

The exact date is 30th October, a whole 24 hours in advance of the alpha's launch on other platforms. You'll need an invite - and an Xbox Gold subscription - to participate. The alpha ends on 2nd November, but there's an Xbox One-exclusive beta planned for January, with the full game down to release on 10th February.

2K and Turtle Rock are now giving out multiple-use submission codes (which aren't guaranteed to nab you an actual invite) via social media - here's one from the developer's blog: 11197-10708-89072. Alas, it appears that the alpha is only available in certain countries, so check this list before signing up.

Good luck, and good hunting.

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