Ex-Battlefield 3 dev on quitting DICE and his role in that Easter egg



May 4, 2013

Imagine waking up to find that someone had turned your name into a video game Easter egg and hidden it inside one of the world's biggest shooters. Then imagine all this had happened nearly two years ago, and the internet had only just found it out after someone hacked into said game's innards.

"This was unexpected," Ex-Battlefield 3 level designer David Goldfarb admitted to Eurogamer yesterday, at a preview showing of his new project Payday 2.

As Easter eggs go, the secret itself is fairly straightforward. The hidden message is a simple, altered voice-over that refers to a "hostile Goldfarb". It will only play in Battlefield 3 under ridiculously-specific conditions and is nigh-on impossible to replicate. Hence the fact it was found by hacking the game's files.

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