Ex-Skyrim dev's The Stomping Land looks like a prehistoric DayZ with dinosaurs


May 4, 2013

A three-person team lead by ex-Skyrim animator Alex Fundora is working on a multiplayer survival game about hunting dinosaurs entitled The Stomping Land.

Midway through its Kickstarter campaign, The Stomping Land has already nearly tripled its modest $20K goal. How did three guys with placeholder graphics obtain so much funding? The answer: ideas.

The Stomping Land is ambitious. The dinosaur hunting concept may recall Monster Hunter, but this is a harsher, more competitive multiplayer world along the lines of DayZ. You see, food is difficult to obtain. Hunting smaller dinos isn't that difficult, but with gargantuan predators roaming the countryside, they're sure to smell fresh blood and come a-runnin'. To ward them off you'll have to either set traps, create distractions, or slaughter enough herbivores that you can reclaim your meat while a T-Rex is busy munching on its mum.

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