F1 2015 delayed slightly


May 4, 2013
The first in-game footage of F1 2015 has been released alongside the small fact that the game has been delayed slightly. You'll now have to wait until July 10th to get your first new-gen fix of the F1 series. Hey, that's still some 12 races before the real-life F1 calender ends, so it remains way earlier than we're used to, but it does mean waiting almost another whole month longer.

Still, there's plenty to ogle, including some gorgeous new HD screens to look at (check the gallery above), which show off the densely-packed grid and garage scenes, as well as give us our first look at the podium sequence. It's been some 10 years since we last had a podium sequence in an F1 game, so that is a big deal. No, really - these things do actually matter.

The racing in the trailer looks smooth and polished, though perhaps not quite as photorealistic as it perhaps should by now. Nonetheless, the improvements are evident, with superior trackside detail and snaking under acceleration in wet weather that the previous physics engine didn't really provide. But it's the off-track action that impresses the most. The drivers' likenesses are superb - I actually exclaimed 'wow' in the office when that Hamilton grid interview appeared on the screen. I mean, it's clearly Lewis Hamilton. I expect the game disc contains assets for gold chains. And dogs. Not since F1 2010's brief glimpses of Rubens Barichello through the motorhome window (remember that?) have we seen 3D-modeled drivers' faces in the series so, again, this is a big deal.

Source: F1 2015 delayed slightly, but first trailer softens the blow | GamesRadar