F1 2015 on PS4/XBO will feature voice commands and broadcast presentation


May 4, 2013
After a little unexpected leak a few weeks ago, Codemasters has finally officially unveiled its new Formula One game, F1 2015. It's notable for being not only the first time the series has appeared on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but also for being the first time the Ego engine has been seen running on the new machines. There will also be a PC version and the game has been given a June release, which is sooner in the year than the F1 games traditionally launch, making it more relevant for longer.

While you could be forgiven for thinking the game doesn't look that different from the previous games (which admittedly already look amazing), the game engine is all-new and offers new physics designed to be accessible for both new players and seasoned professionals. There's a new practice mode for online races, as well as new a broadcast-like presentation style (including podiums!) and enhanced force feedback support.And in case you really lament the fact F1 2014 never appeared on new-gen, you can play all of the 2014 season in its entirety. Sweet.

Excitingly, there's also support for voice commands via Kinect and the PlayStation Eye, allowing you to talk to your pit crew during races. The full extent of this remains to be established, but the idea of saying 'Niko hit me' into the radio is pretty darn ace.

One slight area of concern is that the announcement makes no reference to an enhanced damage model. The F1 games seem to have become less and less spectacular in terms of their impacts with each other and the barriers with each new iteration. Surely the power of new-gen will allow for some realistic rear wing losses? Also there's no mention of the frame-rate. The leaked internal document a while ago said that 60fps was the target for PS4. Seeing as Melbourne House's Grand Prix Challenge managed that with 22 cars back on PS2, I think that's a goal we should realistically expect.

The real-world 2015 season is underway, but it will at least have several races left this year by the time the game comes out. Sadly, the German Grand Prix has slipped from the calendar this year (in the last 24 hours, in fact), so expect the reduced roster. At least we will get to play on the Mexican circuit for the first time in 20 years, scene of Mansell's breathtaking pass of Berger around the outside of one of the world's most dangerous corners. Expect a few Share Button uses while recreating that one.

There is one thing missing from the screens, however: sparks. Real F1 cars this year have finally got titanium undertrays that spark when they bottom out against the track surface. This results in a flurry of sparks, which used to be one of F1's greatest spectacles in the '80s and '90s. Indeed, they were programmed into every F1 game from Super Monaco GP to Continental Circus. There had better be HD sparks in F1 2015, or somebody's going to receive a complaint. Look out for more on F1 2015 on GamesRadar+ soon.

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Source: F1 2015 on PS4/XBO will feature voice commands and broadcast presentation | GamesRadar