FIFA 15 released early on Xbox One with EA Access


May 4, 2013
EA Access' £3.99/$4.99-a-month subscription service opened in August, with a "Vault" of accessible games including Peggle 2, Battlefield 4 and Need For Speed Rivals. Now FIFA 15 has been added to the (admittedly small) roster a week before general UK release on 26 September.

There might not be time do do much more than keepy-uppys, given that EA Access will only give you six hours of play time before general release - although saves and player data will be carried over to the game once it's out. The six-hour allowance will keep ticking down even if the game is playing in the background. EA have advised players to quit the game when not playing, "in order to maximize your game time."

EA originally planned for the subscription service, which offers monthly and yearly packages, to appear on both Microsoft and Sony consoles, with unlimited access to the "Vault" of games for as long as the membership lasts. However, Sony rejected the deal, stating that it did not represent good value for their customers, and Xbox One owners were left questioning whether the subscription was worth it.

EA Access will also give subscribers 10% off the price of the digital download of FIFA 15 when released.

Source: News: FIFA 15 released early on Xbox One with EA Access - OXM UK