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Firmware Update 3.30 Brightens Up PS Vita with Themes

Discussion in 'PS Vita and PSP' started by creaky, Oct 2, 2014.

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    Want to know what’s better than first-party games? Themes, of course! Sony may have more or less pulled the plug on internal PlayStation Vita development, but at least it’s released a new firmware update that promises to bring a slew of pretty patterns to your favourite portable. Beginning today, you’ll be able to purchase an array of themes in North America, with more to follow over the coming months. There’s no word on when the dazzling designs will hit the European PlayStation Store.

    In truth, this new update – dubbed v3.30 for those keeping count – seems largely built around the PlayStation TV, which is due out in North America later this month. In addition to adding controller compatibility, it also changes a few product codenames, and even allows those with imported microconsoles to connect using Western accounts. Elsewhere, there are tweaks to the Calendar application, alongside the implementation of Trophy rarity data, which debuted on the PlayStation 4.

    You can download the firmware update right now, and it’s mandatory, so make sure that you set aside a few minutes to get everything up to date. Do you intend to purchase a theme? Have you noticed any other improvements to the handheld? Scroll down, and write us a message in the comments section below.

    Source: PS Vita Themes Tomorrow with System Software Update 3.30 – PlayStation.Blog

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