First-person roguelike Paranautical Activity not allowed past Greenlight, even with a publisher


May 4, 2013

First-person roguelike Paranautical Activity's two-man developer, Code Averice, claims that it was offered a Steam publishing deal by Adult Swim only to realise that Swim couldn't make this happen after all and the randomly generated maritime shooter would still have to go through the Steam Greenlight process. Why, you ask? According to Code Avarice's Mike Maulbeck, it's because Code Avarice already set up a placeholder Steam Greenlight page and Steam "didn't want to send the message that indies can seek out publishers to bypass Steam Greenlight."

"When we started working on Paranautical Activity we just assumed that we'd need Greenlight, because everybody has to go through Greenlight now," said Maulbeck in a video interview on Green9090's YouTube channel. "So when we set up the Greenlight page we weren't really looking for votes yet because we'd just started development. But also because Adult Swim just e-mailed us and said, 'Yo. We'll get you onto Steam. There's no need for this Greenlight stuff.' So we totally abandoned the Greenlight."

Unfortunately, Adult Swim promised more than it could deliver. Maulbeck explained, "Our Adult Swim representative actually flew out to Valve to pitch the game to them and their response was basically, 'we don't want to send the message that indies should seek out publishers to get around the Greenlight system.' And now we're dead in the water. We've got a Greenlight campaign that we haven't even touched in months and we have to resurrect it from the ashes."

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