Former THQ president reveals Metro dev's terrible work conditions



May 4, 2013

Update: 4A Games creative director Andrew Prokhorov has responded, on GamesIndustry International, to Jason Rubin's account of Metro: Last Light's budget development, thanking him for his piece.

In the 10 years Prokhorov has worked with THQ - before 4A he was at GSC making S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Rubin was apparently the only president to venture to the Ukraine to meet the team, which he did on his second week in charge (appointed in spring 2012). But by then it was too late to "somehow fix the situation", Prokhorov said.

"It is a fact that our work conditions are worse than those of other developers outside Ukraine. I don't think anyone can doubt that. Yes, it's true that American and most of European developers operate in a country far more comfortable than Ukraine, and yes, the publishers pay them more."

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