Free roam co-op for Sunset Overdrive?


May 4, 2013
Sunset Overdrive has a mission based co-op for up to eight players in which players arrange traps to intercept waves of increasingly tough munsters.

As discussed by creative director Marcus Smith in an IGN video, co-op free roam won't be part of "the initial launch" (28th October), but may arrive care of "a sequel or DLC". It'll depend, obviously, on sales of the game.

In other news Marcus Smith also had a bit to say about the game's resolution. It runs at 900p - Insomniac apparently tried out 1080p at one point in development, but decided to lower the resolution in order to pump up things like enemy headcounts and effects.

"Why would you want less action on screen?" Smith opined. "That's insanity. 900 works perfect for us - we spent a lot of time preparing, drafting. We had it running at 1080p, we played it, we have it running at 900p, we play it and they didn't look considerably different, but the things that we could draw on screen were a lot more [sic], and we wanted more on screen. More action, more better. Michael Bay would be very proud."

Last but not least, he shed light on the world's dimensions. Sunset City isn't the largest playable environment you'll ever tour, largely because there's no driving. "GTA 5 has a huge map, and I wouldn't compare it against that because we don't have long periods of driving and talking," Smith suggested.