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GAME launches loyalty scheme where you pay GAME £36

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by creaky, May 19, 2017.

  1. creaky

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    GAME, the video game retail chain, has today launched a new loyalty scheme called GAME Elite. In the scheme you, the customer, pay GAME £36 a year in exchange for a bump in loyalty points when buying actual stuff from GAME.

    You get 10% points back on physical games, merch and accessories, 4% on consoles, phones and tablets, and 2% on trade-ins and digital. Hot damn. In case you weren't excited enough, the Elite scheme is launching exclusively at £33, a whole £3 off its regular price.

    NeoGaf is already unimpressed by this development. Savantcore points out 'You'd save more than £36 a year if you just shopped elsewhere.'

    GAME has had near misses in the past, including the well-publicised time in 2012 when they went into administration. Take a moment to pity the members of staff at GAME stores, who must now try and sell not only GameCare insurance but this as well.

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