GameStop launches trade-in program, paying for your Xbox One Kinect



May 4, 2013
Gamestop have announced a trade-in programme for users who want to get rid of their Kinext and get some cash back.The company is offering a $32 pay-out in cash or $40 in-store credit and is reportedly available in all U.S stores. It's also worth noting that if you're a PowerUp Rewards Pro member you'll receive an extra 10 percent credit if you take up the offer.

The offer began yesterday after the news originated from twitter user Wario64. Both Polygon & GameSpot have confirmed the offer with multiple GameStop associates around the states.

For months Microsoft tried to persuade gamers that the Kinect was a vital part of the gaming console. In may they announced a new SKU that didn't include the Kinect which cost $399, $100 less than the original version. Major rival Sony currently has the upper hand on overall sales, with the PlayStation 4 surpassing six million units.

Whether the masses will flock to GameStop to get rid of their Kinect, only time will tell. The price of the preownedKinects that are traded in is yet to be revealed.

Source: GameStop Will Pay You $40 for Your Xbox One Kinect - GameSpot