Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Remasters Gridlock


May 4, 2013
It goes without saying that Gridlock, one of the multiplayer maps first introduced in Gears of War, defined the multiplayer experience of the series and is one of the most legendary maps players have ever took battle on. Having been featured in every Gears game since the beginning, it's only right that The Coalition remaster this beauty and give it the shine it deserves in the upcoming and highly anticipated Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

In this newly released remastering video, the team talk plenty about the history of the map, all while COG and Locusts chainsaw, down, gib, and execute each other. One feature that is really cool is the way the team have now broke up each side of the map with different weather effects. Check out the video for all the juicy details:

Players will have the opportunity to scramble for their preferred weapon on Gridlock when Gears of War: Ultimate Edition releases for the Xbox One and Windows 10 on August 25th.