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Get this awesome Destiny 2 Dynamic Theme for free


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We are less than 2 days ahead for the launch of Destiny 2 and fans can feel the hype all over the internet. Now, thanks to Sony PlayStation, there is a cool dynamic theme and other prizes you can claim ahead of the launch.

Destiny 2 is only four days away! Head to for rewards, including this theme featuring our courageous Vanguard..
In order to obtain this goodies, you need to head to Once you’re there, you need to log in with your psn account. After you have log on, hit the quest tab and proceed to watch the videos. For every video you watch, you’ll unlock a prize. After you claim the prize, a code will appear for you to redeem at the PSN Store.

As a reminder, you need to purchase Destiny 2 game and download it completely into your system. Failure to accomplish that step will cause the theme to lock itself (a lock image will appear in the theme and you won’t be able to install it. This promotion is only available in North and South America tough.

So there you have it folks, be sure to pre-order the game if you haven’t already and have a good launch this Tuesday.

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