Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams dev announces "fuel fantasy" co-op game Ravensdale


May 4, 2013

Giana Sisters:Twisted Dreams developer Black Forest Games has announced its latest game, Ravensdale, an up to four player co-op focused side-scrolling platform shooter set in a "medieval oil rig city" that's "full of furious orcs armed with motor guns, rocket-propelled goblins and oodles of over-the-top craziness."

"Originally slated to take the form of an action RPG, we pitched the project to publishers around the world, but apparently, 'steampunk doesn't sell,'" Black Forest noted on its official blog. (Though it said that it considered the game more of a "fuel fantasy.")

Instead, the five-person team decided to create a smaller game that focused on co-op action - something it wanted to do with Giana Sisters, but was scrapped as it didn't really fit that game.

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