Gone Home to stay home: The Fullbright Company boycotts PAX due to organisers' stance on "a...



May 4, 2013

Oregon-based indie team The Fullbright Company won't be showing off its rather awesome-looking first-person exploration drama Gone Home at PAX Prime this year, due to the four-person studio's unanimous disagreement with Penny Arcade organisers over "a number of issues."

As detailed on the studio's blog, these issues range from the "dickwolves" fiasco years ago where a rape joke - and the brouhaha that emitted from it - got out of hand, to the publication's controversial Kickstarter campaign that rewarded backers of $7500 the privilege of being an intern for a day (amazingly, two people purchased this).

More recently Fullbright took issue with Penny Arcade's reaction to the art in Dragon's Crown and its astonishingly greenlit description of a PAX Australia panel entitled "Why So Serious?" that read: "Any titillation gets called out as sexist or misogynistic, and involve any antagonist race aside from Anglo-Saxon and you're called a racist. It's gone too far and when will it all end?" (The description has since been modified.)

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