Google reportedly working on streaming games platform called Yeti


Search giant Google may be looking at getting into the business of video games and perhaps taking on Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo at the home console market, it's been reported today.

According to Kotaku's sources, Google is working on a project currently codenamed 'Yeti' which consists of some kind of streaming platform, home hardware to utilise said platform and partnerships with game developers, including potentially acquiring some studios.

Kotaku claims it has spoken to five people who have been either briefed on the plans themselves or heard about them secondhand, and they say that Google representatives met with several high profile video game companies at GDC as well as E3 this year to gauge interest in the platform, with one person describing that the pitch ran along the lines of 'Imagine playing The Witcher 3 within a tab in Google Chrome'.

Google themselves are currently not responding to requests for comment, but Kotaku points out that the search giant did snap up former Sony head Phil Harrison in January of this year. Time will tell if this rumour bears fruit or if this project will meet a similar fate to projects like Google Glass.

Source: Google reportedly working on streaming games platform called Yeti -


More choice is always good, probably be the same games though unless they get some exclusives.

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