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Gran Turismo 6: Everything You Need to Know

Discussion in 'PS3 Games' started by creaky, May 23, 2013.

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    It’s virtually impossible to deny how important the Gran Turismo series is to PlayStation platforms. Over the course of nine core games – all developed by Sony-owned Japanese studio Polyphony Digital – the Gran Turismo franchise has sold around 70 million copies. That is a staggering number, made all the crazier when you consider that these games can only be played on PlayStation platforms.

    What does all of that mean, exactly? Well, Gran Turismo is clearly a big deal. It’s the best-selling racing series in the history of video games by a mile (pardon the pun), and Gran Turismo 6 is almost certain to pull similar numbers to other games in the series. So we thought we’d get you all caught up on Gran Turismo 6, since chances are if you own a PlayStation product, you care.

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