Grand Theft Auto V officially getting nightclubs DLC in July


May 4, 2013
Nearly four years after launch and several billion dollars later, Rockstar Games’ open-world crime epic is still a commercial juggernaut. Grand Theft Auto V still consistently lands in the top 10 best selling games each month and part of that is due to the influx of content still being put into the game.

While the game had much more significant updates for the first year or two, the rate of those major updates has shifted as Rockstar prepares to ship their western sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2. However, it looks like we’ll be getting at least one more major update for Grand Theft Auto V before we saddle up in October.

Today Rockstar Games announced that they are finally bringing the fabled nightclubs to Grand Theft Auto V this July. After having an entire expansion dedicated to managing a slew of clubs in Grand Theft Auto IV as a bouncer and right-hand man to the extravagant Gay Tony, many have been wondering if the clubs will make a return. After all, you can find some in the game but you can’t access their interiors without doing some glitching and even then they’re fairly barebones on the inside as they were never finished.

When the nightclubs DLC hits Grand Theft Auto V’s Online mode in July, players can expect to manage their clubs by placing them in proper club venues or more underground-like locations such as warehouses while also using them as a front for your seedy criminal business ventures.

You can view the teaser trailer below.

Exact details are scarce at the moment but it sounds like you’ll have lots of control over the activities and music being DJed at the club with new artists like Dixon, The Black Madonna, and Tale of Us being added to the game in the new update. You’ll run every aspect from setting the place up, designing it, staffing it, and promoting it, one can only hope that those dancing mini-games which let you schmooze the ladies in GTA IV will make a return as well as the champagne chugging challenges.

No date has been given for the nightclub update but it is slated for July, we’ll likely get a more in-depth breakdown of all of the new features in the update closer to its release next month.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Grand Theft Auto V officially getting nightclubs DLC in July


Jun 2, 2013
Good to see a developer providing new content so long after the games release.