GTA V Achievements: What They Tell Us About Grand Theft Auto 5


May 4, 2013
As you may have seen, we've spent the last six months as GTA V detectives, poring over screenshots and trailers of Grand Theft Auto 5, searching for clues to what we'll see in the finished game. Then, last week, the rumoured achievement list leaked. This is the detective equivalent of a detailed confession being chucked through your window tied to a brick, so let's take a look, shall we, to see what'll be decorating your gamercard come September and what it tell us about Grand Theft Auto 5.

One of the big things that struck us about the achievement list was just how many of them related to GTA Online. This really shows just how important the online portion of GTA 5 is to Rockstar - if you want to fully complete the game, you're going to have to go online. More importantly however, also give us a glimpse at some of the game types we'll be seeing.

Some of them just confirm the names for modes that we knew would be in there, like Racing, Gang Attacks, and Survival, whereas others confirm new modes, such as Rally, which presumably sees you and a friend team up for races, with one of you driving, while the other directs, Colin McCrae style.

The list also makes it clear that owning and operating businesses will be a big part of the game's economy, with special missions attached to specific businesses. Also, and this is news to us, it seems that all three characters, that is, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, will be able to team up together off-mission.

Up until this point, we'd assumed that the only time all three characters would be together would be during single player story missions. Presumably the two that you're not controlling will be computer-controlled, this isn't Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, but the ability to team up Franklin, Trevor and Michael off mission is a welcome addition.

Source: Outside Xbox