GTA V DualShock 4 features revealed


May 4, 2013
Sony has revealed the extra functionality the DualShock 4 controller will bring to the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V.

In a post on the PlayStation blog, the company listed a number of unique features that will be made possible with the controller's touch pad, speaker and light bar.

Players will be able to use the touch pad for numerous additional controls. These include switching between third person and first person viewpoint on the fly and switching radio stations.

The touch pad can also be used for quick weapon switching and quick-tossing grenades during the middle of a gunfight.

Police radio chatter will now be heard through the controller's speaker rather than the TV, as will phone calls from friends and acquaintances Michael, Franklin and Trevor meet throughout the game.

Finally, the light bar will change colour depending on the character currently being controller, and will start flashing red and blue when the police are chasing you.

The new-gen Grand Theft Auto V release date is November 18, 2014 on Xbox One and PS4. The PC version, originally planned for release this year, will launch on January 27, 2015.

CVG recently played the updated version of last year's Xbox 360 and PS3 blockbuster, which introduces a new first-person mode alongside increased resolution and draw distance. For our early verdict, read our large hands-on feature.

Source: How Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 gets the best out of Dualshock 4 - PlayStation.Blog.Europe