Gunsport announced for Xbox One, coming in early 2015


May 4, 2013
Imagine a world where global squabbles were settled though a game of footy. Forget 1984 or Brave New World, that's probably the most terrifying distopia I can envisage, and it's (kind of) the premise of a new game announced for Xbox One today.

Thankfully, Gunsport sounds a little more up my street than regular old footy. "It's a bit like volleyball or sepak takraw," reads the game's official website, "except instead of using hands or feet, you use guns to propel a ball into your opponents' territory.

"Gunsport is all about keeping the ball in the air, and getting it into a goal at a choice moment. The more times the ball passes the net (during a volley, as it were) the more points it's worth, and the more dangerous it becomes to miss a shot. And your shots are limited, so you have to aim carefully, time your shots with care, and communicate with your teammate.

"If you and your teammate are truly in sync, you can get off a team attack; shoot the ball at the same time and it'll go twice as fast - but your opponents can fire it right back at you if they're drift compatible," the blurb continues. "Team-based special attacks and stage-specific gimmicks give the game variety and flavor, but the biggest variety comes from online players - unpredictable and ever-changing foes."

The game is a collaboration between Necrosoft Games and Iron Galaxy, and it's a one-on-one or two-on-two online multiplayer "eSport," as it's clearly being designed with competition in mind.

Source: News: Gunsport announced for Xbox One, coming in early 2015 - OXM UK