Here's the control scheme for PUBG on Xbox One


May 4, 2013
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the hottest game of 2017, it has sold millions of copies and has crossed nearly a million concurrent players on Steam. Microsoft managed to snag console exclusivity rights for the game earlier this year making it a console exclusive on Xbox One (for now, at least) but people are wondering how it'll perform on a console.

The game is all about precision and the ability to do things quickly given the tense and sometimes frantic nature of the game. PUBG has a very clean and user-friendly AI that is built specifically for PC users playing with keyboard and mouse so how will it transition on to a controller? Surprisingly well if early reports are anything to go by.


The control scheme for PUBG has been released online courtesy of Windows Central and it looks like it'll continue to keep things fairly simple. FPS fans may be thrown for a loop due to the fact that the reload button is bound to the Y button rather than the traditional X button which is currently occupied by an interact/use action. It's possible that this will change before launch so that both actions will be swapped around to a more traditional layout or bound together since the interact action is only used when the prompt is available typically outside of combat.

As for how moving things around in your inventory will work, instead of using the drag and drop mechanic found on PC, players will navigate around with buttons to make things go quicker. It's said to work pretty well and makes it so things flow well instead of slowly moving your thumbstick across the screen.

PUBG is set to release on Xbox One later this year.